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Jane with her 1998 Honda Gold Wing Motor Trike

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Jane Ann Kern Memorial Site - Purpose

This site is dedicated to my wife, Jane Ann Kern, as a memorial to her life and work. She was an amazing woman, always on the go, and always making friends wherever she went. Her way of life was to find something that interested her and then immediately find a group of like-minded individuals she could associate herself with who all loved that activity too. Basically, she was always looking for a support group in which to learn more about the activity but more importantly, make good friends with more people.

Her memory is deeply felt in the hearts of all her family and friends. That will not change. Jane died on August 31, 2008 at the age of 70. She had many more things to do and friends to make.

She also wanted to raise money to support her favorite charities: Juvenile Diabetes (her son and granddaughter each have juvenile diabetes), Crohn's Disease (her son, Steven, has it), and the Western Monmouth Habitat for Humanity (she supported an annual Western Monmouth Habitat for Humanity Motorcycle Ride in Freehold, NJ each October).

I created this site to honor Jane and to help her to continue her fund raising efforts even though she's no longer here. So, please help to support her charities with your generous donations. Jane is looking down and smiling that big smile of hers as you help her to realize her goals to find cures for juvenile diabetes and Crohn's disease and to help build affordable homes through the Western Monmouth Habitat for Humanity.

Walter F. Kern

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